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BoxDrop North Spokane is excited to announce the completion of our new site!

BoxDrop North Spokane is a local, husband and wife team dedicated to loving & serving the Spokane community, well. BoxDrop is a clearance center for several nationally recognized Mattress and Furniture brands. Each BoxDrop is Owned and Operated ‘Locally’ to keep our overhead super low. Our unique model allows our customers to purchase inventory 50-80% Off Retail. While at the same time providing a higher quality product and a better experience. At BoxDrop you will find: Inner Spring Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses, Hybrids, Box springs and more! We still carry Household Brands and everything is Brand New in plastic. Brands such as: Lane, Simmons, Beautyrest, & Sapphire Sleep. Come see us today and save hundreds on your next mattress, sofa or sectional

We have helped provide the Spokane community with the highest quality Mattress Brands and Mattress Types, as well as Furniture Brands and Furniture Types since the start of 2019! And we are extremely excited to announce the launching of our New Website to make it easy for customers to browse our information and to connect with us!

Our New Website Showcases:

BoxDrop North Spokane – Mattress Brands

We carry an abundance of High-Quality Mattress Brands from you to choose from. All at extremely discounted rates! Learn more about some of the brands of mattresses we carry below!

BeautyRest Mattresses Brand

Luxury Mattresses for every sleeper. We believe in always finding the finest components so your sleep helps you look and feel truly invigorated. You’ll experience the proof of our innovation every morning when you wake up ready for your day. 

We introduced BeautyRest into the world with our specialty Pocketed Coil technology, revolutionizing mattress comfort way back in 1925! 

Since then, we have been providing some of the highest quality mattress around! 

Lane Mattresses Brand

Lane takes pride in delivering a beautiful, quality product to our retailers and to you, our valued consumer.

Our mattress line was developed as a result of consumer demand for high quality mattress from a well-respected company that stands behind its product. 

Lane’s marketing staff, designers and engineers have collectively worked together to develop attractive, innovative, top-quality furniture that maintains Lane’s mission to be “the most comfortable seat in the house.”

Sapphire Sleep Mattresses Brand

At Sapphire Sleep, we stand behind the quality, design and craftsmanship. 

Sapphire Dream manufactures three hybrid mattresses that are sold exclusively by US Mattress. Comfort layers of memory foam cushion individually encased coils underneath, delivering a balance of responsive support and cloud-like cushion. Thanks to three firmness options, you can choose the comfort level that’s right for you.

Every Sapphire Dream mattress comes with a generous ever-lasting warranty.

Simmons Mattresses Brand

For over 150 years, we’ve stood for uncompromising American-assembled quality and innovation. We’re still all that – but So. Much. MORE. FUN!

Shopping for a mattress shouldn’t be hard and setting one up shouldn’t be either! Our mattresses conveniently ship straight to your doorstep – in a box! They’re easy to move, easy to unbox and even easier to LOVE.

Backed by our 10-year warranty, we guarantee your satisfaction! 

BoxDrop North Spokane – Mattress Types

BoxDrop North Spokane provides our customers with a large quantity of Mattress types for you to choose from to find the perfect fit! Understanding which mattress type that is best for you may be difficult, so we have provided some of our top mattress types and the benefits of each one! Learn more about the types of Mattress supplied by BoxDrop below and or call to schedule a personalized showroom appointment! Learn more about the mattress types we carry below:

Innerspring Mattresses

The most Common Mattress Type (also the oldest) 

Uses a metal wire system combined with springs (but can wear out sooner)

Different topper types- pillow-top, plush, medium or luxury 

Results in a sturdier and firmer bed with more cushion on top

Fairly cheap in comparison to others (but all BoxDrop Mattresses are priced Way below Normal Cost)

Foam/Memory Foam Mattresses

Increased comfort and reduction in pressure on spine

Long-term use shown to reduce chronic back and neck pain

Fairly heavy in weight and has less air-flow (contains heat) 

Softness/Hardness varies slightly in Climate

Can last a long time if well-maintained

Hybrid Mattresses

Great Blend of Coil Firmness with Foam Softness

Better Spinal alignment and pressure point relief

Takes advantage of airflow keeping the mattress cooler

Great for back and side sleepers 

May not last as long as full spring

Adjustable Bed Frames and Mattresses

Adjustable Settings for Optimal Sleeping Positions

Variability between bed sides for partner use 

Additional features (like heating and cooling) 

They tend to be more expensive than regular mattresses

Improved Independence for older-aged users

BoxDrop North Spokane – Furniture Brands

We carry an abundance of High-Quality Furniture Brands from you to choose from. All at extremely discounted rates! Please note: we may not carry every option provided by these brands & our furniture inventory is first come first serve!

Learn more about some of the brands of furniture we carry below!

Cheers Furniture Brand

Manufactured by Man Wah Holdings and is the most preferred brand!  

Distributes Sofas, Mattresses, Panel Furniture and Furniture Accessories.

To create a healthy, comfortable, valuable and fashionable home for millions of households. “Health, Comfort, Value and Fashion” is the pursuit of mankind. To bring each family the “healthy, comfortable, valuable and fashionable” home furniture is the incumbent responsibilities of the furniture industry.

Coaster Fine Furniture Brand

Coaster Company of America is an industry-leading importer and distributor of fine furniture with styles for every person at every stage of life.

Fulfill your singular vision for any space. Find great style and value with CoasterEveryday. CoasterEssence offers comfort, quality and timeless beauty, and CoasterElevations is for those who desire to create beautiful and elegant casual living spaces.

Exceed customer expectations by honoring individuals, families, and furniture — with excellence.

Crown Mark Brand

Great Quality – Quality is the #1 factor. Our on-site quality control specialist checks that manufacturing meets our exact standards. This keeps our furniture at a high quality level.

Unparalleled Styling – Our designs promote comfort and elegance. Our research and development team is always in tune with the styles of the industry. Our customers can always depend on us for classic styling, as well as the latest styles.

Providing Furniture products in a variety of categories: Bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, home office furniture and furniture accessories. 

Lane Home Furnishings Brand

Technology – We were the first company to test and use a CNC (computer numerical control) Bandsaw, a precision cutter that cuts all of the wood-frame patterns for our products.

Leader in Reclining Upholstery – We offer an array of styles of reclining upholstery, ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary, in hundreds of fabrics and sumptuous leathers.

Whether you need a traditional sofa / loveseat combination or something more configurable like a chaise sectional, our reclining upholstery line was designed with today’s consumer in mind.

Parker House Furniture Brand

A respected family-owned company with 70+ years in the home furnishings business, we opened our first upholstery factory in downtown Los Angeles in 1946 making furniture for the Southern California market.

We design and create a wide variety of stylish Living Room, Home Entertainment, Bedroom and Home Office furniture. From luxuriously soft leather recliners to stylish media consoles to innovative home office workstations and plush upholstered beds.

Our goal is to offer our dealers and their customers (consumers) the best value in the furniture industry through quality, service, engineering, and product availability.­­

Peak Living Furniture Brand

American Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the largest, upholstered furniture assemblers in the furniture industry.

AFM’s upholstered products are assembled in Pontotoc, Mississippi using both foreign and domestic components and parts.

Provides furniture product lines in a variety of categories including: Couches, Sofas, Recliners, Ottomans,  Accessories like pillows, and Full Furniture Sets. 

Steve Silver Furniture Co. Brand

Steve Silver Company, founded in 1983, is an industry-leading importer of furniture for the entire home.

The company pioneered the use of solid surface materials in dining, occasional and home office furniture and today features an extensive product line with many of the mixed-media elements consumers prefer.

Today, Steve Silver Company is known as a low-cost industry leader excelling in the cost-effective design and delivery of high-quality furniture at value-oriented price points.

If you would like to see the specific furniture products we carry from these great furniture brands, give us a call today or schedule a personalized appointment to browse all our products at our location! Please feel free to connect with us using our messaging/call feature below or by booking an appointment! 

BoxDrop North Spokane – Furniture Types

BoxDrop North Spokane supplies our customers with a large variety of Furniture types for you to choose from to find the perfect fit! Learn more about the types of Furniture supplied by BoxDrop below and or call to schedule a personalized showroom appointment to browse all of our furniture brands! 

Sofas, Couches and Loveseats

Variety of Couch, Sofa and Loveseat Styles, Patterns and Colors to choose from

Different Materials for different needs

From small to large sized sofas, couches and loveseats 

Comfortable frames and cushions

Sleep Sofas & Couches

Pullout couches and sofas for additional sleeping 

Different sizes of pullout couches 

Ease of transition between Couch and Sleep

Varying comfort levels for your needs 

Sectional Couches

Large quantity of sectionals to choose from 

Sectionals with secondary features; hidden outlets, storage space and more 

L-Shaped and U-shaped sectionals 

Many different arrangements to perfectly match your home/space


Singular ottomans or sets

Different ottoman materials: wood frame, metal frame and more 

Ottoman storage and secondary features 

Multifunctional Ottomans

Recliners and Single Chairs

Signature designs and brands

High quality materials for maximum comfort

Variety of Recliner and Single chair styles to fit any setting

Power Recliners, Footrests and even massage capabilities

Dining Room Tables and Sets

Dining Room Tables and Sets in various sizes

Good selection of table styles, shapes, materials and colors to choose from

Extremely durable and will last a lifetime

Secondary table features: drawers, leafs, extensions and more!

End Tables and Coffee Tables

End & Coffee Tables to match your dining/living room sets

High Quality Products that will last

The best furniture brands available

Varying sizes and functions for your needs

BoxDrop North Spokane – Mattress and Furniture Blogs

Learn about all things mattress and furniture through our Mattress and Furniture Blog! Where we cover a variety of to topics and categories including but not limited to: Mattress, Furniture, Sleep Quality and Improvement, Brands, Types, When to Replace Furniture, Beating back pain when sleeping in different positions and so much more!

Check out blog page Here!

BoxDrop North Spokane – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on all things Mattress and Furniture

The process to buy a new mattress or piece of furniture may leave with you an abundance of questions before making that final purchase decision. Here at BoxDrop North Spokane, we provide you with the most common Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs and Q&As) to provide as much information and answer as many questions that you may have regarding our mattresses and furniture! We always strive to provide the highest quality and value in our products and services!

Check out our BoxDrop North Spokane Q&A Page to learn more!

And So Much More!

Join us in celebrating our brand new website, designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get the perfect deal on your next mattress or furniture sets, at incredibly low prices!

Feel free to give us a call today at (509) 992-9300 or by connecting with us via our chat/text feature below to get started!

We Look Forward to helping you find the perfect mattress and furniture for your home or office, at incredibly low prices!