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A Guide to Buying the Perfect Mattress!

What mattresses fit your sleep style and what to look for in your perfect mattress!

When shopping for a Mattress, there are various mattress qualities and factors that you should consider before purchasing. In this blog post, we will cover the different types of mattresses available for you to buy, the pros and cons of each mattress type, why they may be beneficial to you and why they may not be beneficial.

Everyone is different when it comes to sleep. Some people may sleep better when the room is cooler and others may sleep more soundly when a room is at a warmer temperature. Same goes for firmness of their mattress. We will also break down different ways people prefer to sleep and how that will effect the types of mattresses to look at before purchasing.

What are the different Types of Mattresses?

There are hundreds and even thousands of mattresses and brands out on the market (check out the Mattress Types supplied by BoxDrop North Spokane) but generally, mattresses fall within a few categories. Check out the mattress categories below to learn more about the pros and cons, and to learn more about your sleeping preferences:

Innerspring Mattresses

The innerspring mattress is the oldest and most common type of mattress.

Innerspring mattresses commonly consist of just the spring core and the top and bottom upholstery layers.

Newer innerspring mattresses may have multiple layers or springs with upholstery to maximize comfort.

Pros of Innerspring Mattresses

  • The traditional style and feel of mattresses.
  • Most common mattress type.
  • Utilizes a metal wire system for the frame that creates great support.
  • Additional layers for a smoother-feeling topper, like: pillow top, plush, medium or high/luxury firmness.
  • Smoother surface and easier to move around. (won’t get that sinking feeling)
  • Available at a variety of price points.

Cons of Innerspring Mattresses

  • No memory foam layers for added comfort.
  • More difficult to reduce temperature if sleeping cooler is a preference.
  • Innerspring mattresses are prone to having springs break, especially from jumping on the bed.
  • Many types of innerspring mattresses varying in levels of quality.
  • Depending on the quality of innerspring mattress you buy, it may not last you as long.

In general, a quality innerspring mattress offers good edge support, is more breathable (and thus cooler) than its all-foam counterparts, and comes in a range of firmness levels to accommodate a variety of preferences.

If you tend to prefer much softer mattresses, with slightly less support, the innerspring mattress style may not be the best for you. You might prefer a:

Foam/Memory Foam Mattress

One of the mattress types with growing interest over the years is memory foam mattresses.

Memory Foam consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional materials increasing its viscosity and density.

They are often composed of only 1-3 layers (depending on the brand) of foam that is used to maximize comfort.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Conforms to your body creating optimal comfort.
  • Reduces pressure on your spine and limbs that occurs in innerspring mattresses.
  • Can correct poor sleeping posture.
  • Very quiet, no squeaking or creaks.
  • Little maintenance around memory foam mattresses and hardly “break” or tear.
  • Generally made from materials promoting good health.

Cons of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Known to be hotter than normal mattresses, difficult to cool down.
  • The level of firmness varies in temperature (in hotter weather the mattress will be softer and vice-versa in cooler temperatures).
  • May be more comfortable but not provide the support some sleepers may need.
  • Memory Foam mattresses are generally more expensive than innerspring mattresses.

If you are looking for a softer mattress that conforms to your body and will help you through body aches and pains, a foam/memory foam mattress may be the best option for you! But what if innerspring mattresses are too firm and memory foam mattresses are too soft for my body? Is there an in-between mattress type? If you are struggling with this problem, the perfect mattress for you may be a:

Hybrid Mattress

Made with varying proportions of both coils and foam, hybrid mattresses have very different feels, depending on the brand and model.

Sleepers can experience both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the sturdy feel of a classic innerspring mattress.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons about Hybrid Mattresses below:

Pros of Hybrid Mattresses

  • Good for multiple body types and sleeping preferences
  • More durable than memory foam in the long run.
  • Very supportive (from the coils) while providing additional comfort (with a foam topper/layer).
  • Provides pressure point relief, while also providing easy movement.

Cons of Hybrid Mattresses

  • If the mattress ratio of foam to coils is greater, this may be problematic for heat variability.
  • Not as common or abundant (less available styles to choose from).
  • Differences in type of toppers (foam, gel, combination of the two).

If you prefer to have the options of a firm mattress for support, but enjoy the soft feel of a memory foam topper, than a hybrid mattress is perfect for you!

Each mattress style tailors to a certain type of sleeper and how they prefer their sleeping conditions. In order to find the perfect mattress, you may want to ask yourself a few of the questions below to understand more about how your body sleeps best.

Discovering what type of sleeping conditions do you prefer

  • Do you tend to sleep better when you are colder or warmer?
  • Do you usually sleep on your back, sides, or even your stomach?
  • Are there any accommodations you have when sleeping (Sleep Apnea mask, sleep disorders, RLS, etc.)
  • Do you have chronic back/limb pain OR do you wake up in pain after sleeping?
  • Do you prefer the firmness of coil (innerspring) mattresses or the softness of foam mattresses or toppers?
  • Certain mattress materials (are you allergic to latex?)
  • Are you buying a mattress just for you OR do you have a partner accompanying you in your sleep?
  • What body type/shape do you have? (certain mattresses may be better for your body)
  • Do you prefer to sleep at an upright position as opposed to a flat position?

All of these mattress questions are very important to ask yourself (and your partner) when deciding on which mattress to purchase. Especially since roughly half of our time is spent on our mattresses either resting/sleeping/relaxing. It is crucial to understand our most optimal way and habits of sleeping to get the most out of our mattress and our rest.

It is important to also think about your mattress frame, placement within your space, consistency of use and more!

Below, we have listed a few more factors to consider when purchasing a mattress that may vary depending on your habits, budget and more.

Additional Mattress Elements to Consider before buying

If you and your partner prefer different sleeping positions, it may be beneficial to consider Adjustable Beds and Mattresses. Adjustable beds and mattresses allows each partner to individual set their side of the bed to their own needs and preferences, instead of settling for a bed that accommodates only one. Generally, adjustable beds and frames are more expensive, especially when there are additional features (like heat and automatic/remote angle adjustments) but if cost is less of a factor for you, you may want to consider adjustable beds.

Depending on the quality of your adjustable bed and mattress, you can; 1. Adjust your angle of sleep that is best suited for you. This is great for sleeping with a partner with a bad snoring habit, simply raise their sleeping angle to adjust their airways, reducing sleeping noises. 2. Change the temperature of each side of the bed individually. Sleep studies state: in order to fall asleep, generally our bodies need to reduce their overall temperature by 1 degree, but not everyone sleeps the same, and some people may prefer to sleep hot! 3. Some mattresses even allow you to adjust the levels of firmness and softness. Some days, our preferences may change. If we are very sore after a long day of physical labor, we may have trouble sleeping with a mattress that is more firm. The ability to adjust your comfort levels gives you that much more control over a great nights sleep.

There are an abundance of mattress and mattress frame factors to consider when you are looking to buy and it is important that you consider all available options. Each mattress brand provides something unique and special to improve you overall sleep and health and it is important to explore the different mattress types and your preferences!

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